We Ship ALL Over the USA


Most items will be delivered to your destination by either FedEx or Freight 
Common Carrier ( which ever services your destination area with the best 
shipping rate and delivery service.) Shipping costs will be determined at 
the time you place your order unless otherwise stated.  This is due to the 
changing nature of  shipping rates throughout various parts of the country. 
ADIRONDACK RUSTIC DESIGNS treats each order on an individual basis
and makes a determined effort to achieve the best rate for their customers.


We try to provide the customer with as much requested information before 
the  purchase (our information line 518-668-3543).  Most of the items for sale 
are either One-Of-A-Kind originals or custom made to order, and some sales 
may be considered final when delivery is made to the designated destination. 


Custom Ordered items, such as any Hickory Furniture, Rocking Chairs or any other items 
custom made to order require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of the full purchase 
price of the item ordered at the time the order is placed.  When the order is completed and 
ready to ship, the remaining 50% plus the shipping costs will be due before the merchandise 
is shipped to the customer. Failure to make the final payment will cancel the order and forfeit 
the original deposit given.  If the customer changes their mind and wishes to cancel the order 
once work has started, any refunds depend solely on the how much work and materials has been
expended before the cancellation. If the work has been completed, up to 50% refund is 
calculated again on the same formula of labor and materials.


All items are carefully inspected  and checked before shipping as to condition 
of shipment & accuracy of content. Please check your delivery as soon as 
possible  within 24 hours for any shipping damages. Report any damage immediately to
Adirondack Rustic Designs.  We will then assign you damage authorization 
number and will  then proceed to rectify the situation immediately.  Failure 
to report any damage upon the delivery of an item or within 24 hour time 
period will release ADIRONDACK RUSTIC DESIGN from any & all 
responsibility for the damaged merchandise. If the box your merchandise
is delivered in is torn or damaged in any other way, report it to the delivering 
carrier so that a notation and record can be made for insurance purposes.


All items returned for any other reason,  (Please see "Damage and Claims"), 
the customer will be responsible for the returned shipping or/and freight and 
will not be reimbursed for the initial shipping or freight.  If returned items are
damaged and no damage claim was filed,  Adirondack Rustic Design reserves 
the right to charge the customer for the full purchase price of the merchandise
as well as round trip shipping and any other costs that the damage may incur.

Please call our information line BEFORE you purchase an item if you have
ANY QUESTIONS.  We will do our best to help you make an informed and
knowledgeable decision BEFORE  you commit yourself to a purchase.
We value your patronage and will do our best to accommodate your inquires.
We answer all our E-Mail promptly and are happy to answer any
and all questions about any of our items for sale.
Thank you very much for shopping with us.
We value your patronage and goodwill &
are proud to say that so far we have
achieved 100% customer satisfaction!

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